Concrete Piston Maintenance

Concrete Piston Maintenance


The piston is a very important part accessories for concrete pump. The piston needs to contact with the concrete directly, and there are very strict requirements for sealing and wear resistance when working. If something happens abnormal, we should think about whether the piston has problems.


The common piston problem is wear, so requires us to check the piston regularly. If the piston is worn, it needs to be replaced in time to avoid pulling the concrete cylinder.


Steps of replacing concrete piston

Before replacing parts, we need to adjust the pumping cylinder speed to 3-5 times per minute, and remove the water tank cover.


Disassembly concrete piston steps

Open the water tank cap, and clean the water tank. Remove the dirt.

Close the ball valve of main cylinder non-rod chamber, and make the concrete piston back to the water tank.

Stop the engine, and remove the bolts & coupling clamp, and then remove the piston from the water tank.


Cleaning steps

Remove the screws from piston, and disassemble the piston assembly, remove piston & guiding ring.

Clear the concrete remains on the piston assembly, replace new piston ram & guiding rings.  

Please pay attention to installation direction of piston & guide ring.


Install concrete piston steps

To facilitate installation, grease the piston before installation.

Installation of piston assembly, and grab the piston assembly with wrench.

The piston lip should face toward the outside.

Put the piston assembly back to the water tank, and make sure the piston flange end is face to concrete cylinder.


Concrete Piston Replaced Precautions

Turn the piston assembly 180 Degree, install it on the main cylinder rod flange.

Hold the piston with a crowbar to avoid piston dropping into the concrete cylinder.

Install the piston clamp back to the connection flange and tighten the bolts.


Repeat above mentioned steps to replace another piston ram.


Do not stretch your hand into the concrete cylinder during operation to avoid danger.

The replacement of piston must be carried out by professional maintenance technicians. Non professional maintenance personnel are not allowed to carry out this operation without authorization, so as to avoid mistakes and personal injury.


Making grease on piston

After replacement, greasing on piston surface, and use the hook to rotate the piston 180 degree. 

Grease the concrete piston during replacement or inspection to prolong its service life.


Tips for prolong concrete piston service life

The water in the water tank should be replaced regularly.

Please mind that the water level should be lower than main cylinder rod.


It is strictly prohibited that concrete level lower than mixing shaft in the hopper, avoid the empty suction damaging the piston.

Ensure the water temperature is not high.