Putzmeister concrete pumping spare parts 


PUTZMEISTER parts & accessories is apply for concrete pump, boom pump equipment.


With concrete pump equipment have large pouring work, and every part item have different material, this will be wore out when operation. Replaced the parts & accessories timely will improve the concrete pump service life.


PUTZMEISTER parts are consists of following main systems: delivery cylinder system, hydraulic system, electric system & seal kits parts.



Putzmeister concrete pumping parts & accessories

Feature Products Of Putzmeister Genuine Parts

Putzmeister Genuine Parts from China

Sinopumping Parts offer genuine parts for Putzmeister with many year in China, and our price is beautiful.

Item Part Number Size
Putzmeister Wear Plate C00137700 DN200
Putzmeister Cutting Rings C00137900 DN200
Putzmeister S Valve Tube 00179300 90MM
Putzmeister Swinging Lever 274877001 Q90
Putzmeister Plunger Cylinder C40224400 160-80


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2022 Putzmeister Concrete Pump Spare Parts