Shotcrete Hose

Shotcrete hose is a tube for applying at wet machine equipment. The shotcrete hose is spray mortar, plaster, sandblast by connect with gunite mixing nozzle. The shotcrete rubber hose bears high pressure, which effectively reduces the plugging rate and enhances the injection performance.


shotcrete gunite continental hose



The shotcrete gunite hose is made of 3 layers.

  • Inner rubber: Synthetic rubber, alkali resistance, aging resistance.
  • Reinforcement: Enhancement is made of wire steel layer or fabric, and withstand high burst pressure.
  • External rubber: SBR Rubber. With high wear resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance.


Rubber technical

Shotcrete tube is made of wear resistant synthetic rubber. The working life is long.

Handling strength of rubberPure rubber vulcanizate tensile strengthTensile strength of filled 50 parts carbon black vulcanizateTear strength of vulcanizate filled with 50 parts of carbon black
0.5 Mpa1.4 - 3.0 Mpa17 - 28 Mpa40-60 KN/M


Supplying Range

We have fabric reinforcement and steel wire layer shotcrete rubber hose. 15m, 20m, 50m can be offered.

Fabric reinforcement rubber hose Steel wire rubber hose 
1.5”x 85ar x 4ply1.5”x 85ar x 4ply
2”x 85ar x 4ply2”x 85ar x 4ply
2.5”x 85ar x 6ply2.5”x 85ar x 6ply
3”x 85ar x 6ply3”x 85ar x 6ply
3.5”x 85ar x 6ply3.5”x 85ar x 6ply
4”x 85ar x 8ply4”x 85ar x 6ply
4.5”x 85ar x 8ply4.5”x 85ar x 6ply
5”x 85ar x 8ply5”x 85ar x 6ply


Working brand

  • Putzmeister
  • Schwing
  • Sany
  • Zoomlion
  • Normet
  • Cifa
  • Reed



  • Large spray height, distance, width and depth.
  • Stable jetting, lower rebound rate, better flatness and compactness.
  • Strong adaptability to working conditions.



Shotcrete rubber hose is application for concrete wet spray machine, plaster pump.

shotcrete gunite hose application