Zoomlion S valve tube


Zoomlion S valve tube have two layers, outer is made of 16Mn, and inner layer is hard surfacing by VAUTID. With automatic welding technology, the inner wall is smooth and the impact force is small.


Zoomlion 0160402F3000 001690207A0100000 s valve tube pipe


Zoomlion S Valve Tube Technical Data:

VAUTID 150 Surfacing Electrode

VAUTID 150 usd Tungsten carbide and low hydrogen sodium as main raw materials, and it has the characteristics of high hardness, good toughness, high temperature resistance and wear resistance. After hard surfacing, the HRC can be at least 63.



Chrome Plate

Chrome plate is made of X90CrMoV18, with high hardness and strong corrosion resistance, it is used to make wear parts mostly.

0.85 - 0.95<1.0<1.0<0.04<0.0317.0 - 19.00.9 - 1.30.07 - 0.12



Zoomlion S Valve Pipe Tube Supplying Range


ItemPart NumberSize
S Valve Tube0160402F3000Zoomlion 37
S Valve Pipe001690207A0100000Zoomlion 56



  • Integral molding process, low pipeline resistance.
  • VAUTID surfacing welding technology, super wear-resistant and high hardness HRC.