Polyurethane Piston Ram DN230 001696901A0000004 for zoomlion


Zoomlion piston ram DN230 is made of polyurethane composite material. The piston ram function is to bear the pressure in the cylinder, and transmit this force to the crankshaft through the piston pin and connecting rod. The specific shape, position and size must be compatible with the Zoomlion equipment.

Zoomlion Piston Ram DN230


Data Sheet:


Composite of polyurethane

Outer Diameter


Inner Diameter


Tensile Strength


Tear strength


Life service

>18000 cbm


Polyurethane Piston Feature

  • Wear resistance. The wear resistance of polyurethane piston is more than 10 times that of ordinary rubber piston.
  • Higher Harderness.
  • Oil Resistance. It can maintain its own material properties, and improve service life.
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance.
  • High tensile strength.



Zoomlion Piston ram is installed at piston pin, and transmit force in cylinder.

Zoomlion Piston Ram application