Concrete Pump Clamp


Concrete pump clamp is using for fix concrete pipe and rubber hoses. Different hose clamp apply different concrete pump equipment. We can supply snap clamp, bolt clamp, adjustable clamp, wedge clamp, plate clamp. As for wear parts for concrete pump, the clamp is using large. In our stock, you can chose the one suit for Sany, Zoomlion, Putzmeister boom pump, Schwing, Cifa, XCMG etc.


Snap clamp 

Snap concrete clamp is easy to install and remove. High working efficiency, so it is popular in the market. This is standard connection for all kinds of concrete pump. The snap clamp with base is more stable.


130bar snap clampcasting snap clamp with base
Snap ClampSnap Clamp With Base


Bolt clamp

Bolt clamp can stuck tighter,good sealing when concrete pouring, which have good mechanical properties, wear-resistant. The locking force of the bolt is evenly distributed on the threads of all teeth, the concrete clamp can better solve the problems of thread wear and shear deformation.

1 bolt clamp2 bolt clamp for pipe and hose
One Bolt ClampTwo Bolt Clamp


Bolt Clamp with Base

Bolt clamp with base design, it not only have more tighter seal, but also more stable. Due to the advantages of base design, it is being used more and more.

1 bolt clamp with base2 bolt forge casting concrete clamp with base
One Bolt Clamp With BaseTwo Bolt Clamp With Base


For snap and bolt clamp is more popular suitable for SK welding end system pipe and hoses. The snap and bolt clamp coupling apply for the connection of the delivery boom pipes, and the seal inside permits easy link rotations.


Wedge & Plate concrete clamp 

Wedge, plate and bolt clamp coupling is made of 40Cr steel. Those type confers a firm and tight connection to the concrete pump pipe and hoses, and the seal gasket is not easy to slip. Apply for the high pressure delivery of Putzmeister and Schwing concrete pump.


plate concrete clamp 130barWedge clamp forge casting 130bar
Plate ClampWedge Clamp


Concrete Pump clamp technical data

Concrete pump clamp is made of 40Cr steel, and it have good quenching performance, high fatigue resistance and good wear resistance.




Mechanical property

Tensile Strength σbYield Strength σsElongation δ5Reduction of Area ψImpact Absorption Energy Aku2
≥ 810Mpa≥ 785Mpa≥ 9%≥ 45% ≥ 47J


Supplying range

SizeStructureTechnicWorking PressureBursting PressurePackage
2'', 3'', 4'', 5'', 6'' Snap, boltCasted, Forged130Bar220~280bar5pc/box

Note: For more detail concrete pump clamp size and information, welcome to mail and call us with free.



  • High impact toughness
  • High compressive strength
  • High tensile strength
  • High temperature resistance
  • Wear resistance


Tips of install clamp

  • The concrete pump clamp must be installed with a sealing ring, ensure the connection is tightly sealed, no slurry leakage, and no air leakage. Avoid safety accidents.
  • The concrete pipe & rubber hose connection must be firm and stable. Only standardized operation can ensure concrete pouring with smooth and safety.