Putzmeister Wear Plate

Putzmeister wear plate is a part of the S distribution valve system. In the hopper working, the wear plate is not only impacted by the relative friction of the cutting rings, but also by the strong impact of concrete. So the surface of wear plate should not only have high hardness and wear resistance, but also have certain toughness and high fracture resistance. 


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Putzmeister Wear Plate Technical Data

Putzmeister wear plate is made of Q235 Steel, and adding hard surfacing for higher wear resistant. 


Q235 steel



Q235 Mechanical Property

Tensile Strength σbYield Strength σsElongation δ5Reduction of Area ψImpact Absorption Energy Aku2

H08 welding

H08 welding wire is used for surfacing layer, which have high hardness. The HRC can be at least 63.




Q235 is preheated before welding at 350 ℃, the surfacing electrode is dried and kept warm for 1.5 hours, and then 4 layers of surfacing are continuously deposited on the surface of Q235, with a thickness of about 9~12mm.


Putzmeister Wear Plate Supplying Range

ItemPart NumberSize



  • High hardness. 
  • Wear resistance.
  • Heat resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.