Putzmeister Carbide Spectacle Wear Plate DN200 ( C00137700 )


Putzmeister wear plate is a critical component in the delivery system. It look like a spectacle frame, and thus it was called spectacle wear plate.

Putzmeister wear plate DN200 C00137700


Wear Plate DN200 ( C00137700 ) Data Sheet



wear resistant steel body, tungsten carbide, VAUTID-150 imported from Germany.


Tensile Strength

≥ 2500 N/mm2


Carbide HRA

> 86


Electrode HRC

> 63



  • High hardness. 
  • Wear resistance.
  • Heat resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.

Where the wear plate is installed?


The wear plate is installed on the rear wall of the concrete hopper. It has two mouths, and each is linked to the concrete pumping delivery cylinder wtih S Vavle.


During pumping operation, it can serve as a seal for the hopper while offering protection against wear at the same time.