Sany spare parts plunger cylinder

Sany plunger cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and makes swinging motion. It has simple structure and reliable operation, and it is important parts for concrete pump.

Sany A810301060035 A810301060034 A810301060032 A810301060033 plunger cylinder



Sany Plunger Cylinder Data Sheet:

Sany plunger cylinder is made of #45 Steel, which have higher strength and deformation resistance.

Tensile Strength σb Yield limit σs Elongation δ5 Mechanical Property ψ HRC
≥600 Mpa ≥355 Mpa ≥16% ≥40% 63




Sany plunger cylinder supplying range

Item Part Number Size
1 A810301060032 L 70/100
2 A810301060033 R 70/100
3 A810301060034 R 60/90
4 A810301060035 L 60/90




Working principle of swing mechanism:

Under the action of hydraulic oil, the piston rods of the left and right swing valve cylinders are pushed to move. The piston rod drives the rocker arm, and the rocker arm drives the S valve to swing left and right, so as to realize the reversing of the S valve.

plunger cylinder operation


Item 1 2 3
Description Oil Tube Plunger Cylinder Rock Arm