Concrete pumping hoses skid plate disc pan is made of #20 steel and protevtive coatings. The concrete hoses skid plate use for rubber hoses support, which protect hose from damage when moving. Also the concrete hose support disc save labor working when operation.


concrete pumping hoses skid plate disc pan


Protective coating

Protective coating used in harsh corrosive environment, it can delay and weaken the corrosion of concrete hoses skid disc structure. The concrete hoses skid disc work at concrete corrosive place, the protective coating offer much help.


Concrete hoses skid plate 20# steel technical data


#20 Steel of concrete hoses skid plate have good toughness, plasticity and weldability. The tensile strength is 253-500mpa.




Concrete Hoses skid plate disc supplying range

25''*25'', 26''*26'', 30''*30''

concrete pumping hoses skid plate disc size


Concrete pumping Hoses Skid Plate Disc Application

  • Avoid catching the hoses clamp when moving concrete pumping hoses on rebar place.
  • Reduce labor working, increase work efficiency, and reduce the risk of injury when concrete pump pouring.


concrete hose skid plate disc application



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