Putzmeister Cutting Rings


Putzmeister cutting ring is a concrete pumping parts which is do relative friction with wear plate. Both the wear plate and the cutting ring need wear-resistant properties, their quality is determined by raw materials, and the raw materials determine their working life service.


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Putzmeister Cutting rings technical Data: 

Putzmeister cutting rings is composed of Q235 and high chromium cast iron.


Q235 steel


Due to its moderate carbon content, good comprehensive properties, and a good combination of strength, plasticity, welding and other properties, Q235 is mostly used in the manufacture of section steel and steel plate.


High Chromium Cast Iron


High chromium cast iron is a kind of wear-resistant material with excellent performance. It also has good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.


Putzmeister Cutting Rings Supplying Range

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Putzmeister cutting rings and wear plate apply for shotcrete, trailer and truck mounted concrete pump.

During concrete pouring, avoid too large particles, so as not to damage the cutting ring.

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