Putzmeister S Valve Pipe Tube 

Putzmeister S valve pipe tube is component of 16Mn steel body, #38 CrMoAl shaft, chrome plate and inner wall hard surfacing by VAUTID 150. For this Putzmeister S-Valve tube, the inner pipe layer has high hardness and wear resistance; and the outer pipe layer has good toughness and strong impact resistance. Thus it can meet the requirements of concrete transportation.


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Putzmeister S Valve Tube Data Sheet.


16Mn have good comprehensive performance, good low temperature performance, good stamping performance, good welding performance.

0.13~0.190.20~0.601.20~1.60≤ 0.30≤ 0.30≤ 0.30≤ 0.30≤ 0.25


#38 CrMoal

38CrMoAl has high surface hardness, wear resistance and fatigue strength, and has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance.



Hard surfacing by VAUTID 150, the HRC can be 63, it is high hardness and wear resistance.


Putzmeister S Valve tube supplying range

ItemPart NumberSize
Putzmeister S valve pipe  2015HD2513410008"-6"
Putzmeister S valve pipe 20180017930090MM
Putzmeister S valve pipe 2018N402865, 25101300880MM


Putzmeister S Valve Feature.

  • Reverse pumping is possible to solves the blockage problem without disassembling and cleaning of the pipeline.


  • S valve is especially useful for long pumping distances and high site with high pressure.


  • The S-valve has very few wear parts and all parts of the S-tube are easy to change.