Putzmeiter concrete pump s-valve pipe tube 80mm, ( 402865, 251013008 )

Putzmeister S valve pipe is casted and welded steel body, and it is a key parts for concrete pump hopper. With hardened inner, it is good for wear resistant, so the replace charge is lower.

402865 251013008 putzmeister s valve pipe


Putzmeister S Valve Feature.

  • Reverse pumping is possible to solves the blockage problem without disassembling and cleaning of the pipeline.


  • S valve is especially useful for long pumping distances and high site with high pressure.


  • The S-valve has very few wear parts and all parts of the S-tube are easy to change.


Data Sheet.


Welded pipe 16Mn, Shaft 38 CrMoall, #45 steel, Hard facing for pipe inner wall.


≥ 50,000 CBM based on different type.

Carbide HRC

≥ 63


Molding + bead welding + welding.

Wall thickness

12mm pipe +4mm bead welding layer.


16Mn have good comprehensive performance, good low temperature performance, good stamping performance, good welding performance and machinability.