What is Concrete Pump Truck

What Is Concrete Pump? 

Concrete pump machinery is a heavy duty construction equipment, which uses hydraulic system to continuously transport concrete through pipelines.

The concrete pump truck is mainly composed of chassis, boom system, turret, pumping system, hydraulic system and electrical system.

concrete pumping

Concrete Pump Chassis System

Chassis is state switching mechanism for travel and pumping. It have Chassis, PTO system.

Concrte Pump Boom System

The boom system consists of multi-section booms, connecting rods, oil cylinders and connecting parts.

concrete pumping boom system

Parts Detail

1—Boom cylinder 1#;2—boom 1#;3—hinge shaft;4—connecting rod 1#;5—Boom cylinder2#;

6—connecting rod 2#;7—boom 2#;8—Boom cylinder 3#;9—connecting rod 3#;10—connecting rod 4#;

11—Boom 3#;12—Boom cylinder4#;13—connecting rod 5#;14—connecting rod 6#;15—Boom4#.

The boom system is used to complete the conveying and distribution of concrete, and support the whole vehicle to ensure stability.

Concrete Pump Turret system

Turret system is consists of turntable, slewing mechanism, fixed turret, support system.

The outrigger arm is designed as a box-shaped beam formed by surrounding welding of four high-strength steel plates. The height changes from large to small according to the size of the force. For the X outrigger, it has the advantages of light weight, small deployment space and fast deployment speed during construction.

concrete pumping support system

Support system safety precautions

  • The boom must be operated after the outriggers are supported as required.
  • The outriggers can only be retracted after the boom is folded and placed on the main support of the boom.
  • In the event of factors that reduce stability, the boom must be retracted immediately.

Concrete Pump Hydralic Pumping System

Hydraulic Pumping system is consists of hopper, S valve tube, swing lever, mixing paddle, boom coupler.

The pumping system uses the power of the chassis engine to pressurize the concrete into the pipeline from the hopper, and then the operator controls the boom to send the concrete directly to the pouring point through the pipeline.

concrete pumping delivery system

Parts Detail

1、2—master cylinder;3—water tank;4—reversing device;5、6—delivery cylinder;7、8—piston;9—swing;10、11—swing cylinder;12—S valve tube;13—Mixing paddle;14—hopper;15—discharge reducer.

Concrete Pump Electrical System

The electrical system is mainly composed of control cabinet, remote control and other electrical components.

Concrete pump main brand


Classification of Concrete Pump

Concrete Pump by folding 

With concrete pump folding type, it usual have R folding, Z folding, Z&R folding.

The R type has a compact structure; the Z boom moves quickly when opening and folding; the Z&R type combines the advantages of the former two and is gradually widely used.

The Z-type, R-type and Z&R types of the boom are mixed and used by different manufacturers.

concrete pump R Z folding

Concrete Pump type by Boom Placer Length

Short boom concrete pump: Boom length blow 30m.

Normal boom concrete pump: 30m ~ 40m.

Length boom concrete pump: 40m~ 50m.

Overlength boom concrete pump: Over 50m boom length.

Advantages of concrete pumping

  • The concrete pouring is convenient and fast, the pumping speed is fast, and the work efficiency is high.
  • High degree of automation, equipped with remote control, easy to operate.
  • Good mechanical properties and high equipment utilization.

Concrete pump truck usage limitations.

  • The pumping height is limited by the length of the boom.
  • Construction requires a larger site.
  • Higher requirements for concrete.

The development trend of concrete pump

  • The boom is higher.
  • Increased pumping displacement.
  • Higher degree of automation and intelligence.
  • Whole machine weight reducing.