ST52 Concrete Pumping Pipe Tube


ST52 concrete pumping pipe is the most popular tube pipe for distributing concrete, and it is welding SK end mostly. ST52 concrete pumping pipe have good performance which that flatten without cracks, cold bending without deformation, and can withstand high pressure. Usual, for concrete pouring engineering, Putzmeister ZX pipe and ST52 pipe use together with different pressure.


st52 concrete pumping pipe tube


Technical Data

ST52 is Germany standard, and it is called 16Mn in China.



ST52 pipe mechanical property

ST52 concrete pipe have high mechanical properties, Its performance determines the distance of the transportation.

Tensile Strength σb

Yield Strength σsElongation δ5Reduction of Area ψImpact Absorption Energy Aku2
470—630 Mpa≥ 345Mpa≥ 17% ≥ 35%≥ 27J


Supplying Range

As a replacement accessories for concrete pumping, high quality concrete pipe will save much cost in the long time. Our ST52 concrete pipe is your best choice.

4.5” DN100*4.5mm *85bar*SK127
1m, 2m 3m, 4m
5.5” DN125*4.0mm *85bar*SK148
1m, 2m 3m, 4m
5.5” DN125*4.5mm *85bar*SK148
1m, 2m 3m, 4m
5.5” DN125*7.0mm *85bar*SK148
1m, 2m 3m, 4m

Note: The color and painting can be customized.


Tips for enlarging ST52 concrete pumping pipe service life

  • Order the operation rules, and reduce the distribute concrete length when working.
  • Rotation 180 angle of st52 concrete pumping pipe tube timely.
  • Clean the pipe tube by sponge cleaning balls after the pouring immediatly.