Schwing Piston Ram 10007943 DN180 without flange


Schwing piston ram is made of premium rubber, and it work at delivery cylinder with piston pin. The piston moves back and forth in the cylinder barrel. Therefore, the fit between the piston and the cylinder barrel should be appropriate, neither too tight nor too large a gap. If the fitting is too tight, it will not only increase the minimum starting pressure and reduce the mechanical efficiency, but also easily damage the sliding fitting surface of the cylinder barrel. Excessive gap will cause internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder, reduce volumetric efficiency, and make the hydraulic cylinder fail to meet the required design performance.


Schwing Piston ram DN180 10007943 without flange


Schwing Piston Ram DN180 Data Sheet

 Tensile Strength  Elongation at Break  Tensile Permanent Deformation  Tear Strength Akron Abrasion
 >32 MPa >400% <35% >50 Kn/M <35%


Schwing Piston Ram Feature

  • High temperature resistance, stable performance.
  • Wear resistant.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Tear resistance.
  • Good self lubrication, and improve service life.


Tips of install piston ram

  • Apply a layer of grease to the outer surface of the piston ram and the inside of the delivery cylinder.
  • Connect the replaced piston head with a clamp, start pumping and push the piston ram into the delivery cylinder.
  • Install the switch bracket, lock the nut and cover the sink cover.


Caution: For the work of replaced the piston, the engine must be turned off before operating in the water tank.