Concrete Pumping Hoses With Steel Wire

Concrete pumping hoses tube is made of rubber, and reinforced steel wire in the middle layer. It can bear high pressure when concrete pouring. The concrete pumping hoses can work at extreme temperature from -50°C to 100°C.


2'' 2.5'' 3'' 4'' 5'' 6'' 130bar concrete pumping hoses


The concrete rubber hoses tube have 3 structure layers.

  • Inner rubber: Synthetic rubber, alkali resistance, aging resistance.
  • Reinforcement: Enhancement is made of 4 wire steel layer, and withstand high burst pressure.
  • External rubber: SBR Rubber. With high wear resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance.


    Concrete hoses rubber technical

    Handling strength of rubber  Pure rubber vulcanizate tensile strength Tensile strength of filled 50 parts carbon black vulcanizate Tear strength of vulcanizate filled with 50 parts of carbon black
    0.5 Mpa 1.4-3.0 Mpa 17-28 Mpa 40-60 KN/M


    SBR rubber have wear resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance.



    Steel Rubber Hoses Supplying Range

    Length Size Layers Connection
    3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m etc. 2'', 2.5'', 3'', 3.5'', 4'', 4.5'', 5'', 6'' etc. 2 layers, 4 layers. SK, HD, ZX, MF.


    The tail ferrule is #20 steel with galvanized. It can be suit for SK end, and also offered HD end.

    • Standard SK148mm, apply for multiple brands concrete pump and countries.
    • HD157mm flange. Mostly used in USA, MEXICO, CANADA.


    Click here for Concrete Pumping Hoses PDF


    Concrete pumping hoses data sheet


    Size ID mm









    BR mm



    2'' 50 9±0.75 68±1.5 85 240 200 2.6
    2.5'' 64 10±0.75 85±1.5 85 240 250 4.3
    3'' 76.2 12.9±1 102±1.5 85 240 270 6.1
    3.5'' 89 13.5±1 116±1.5 85 240 290 8
    4'' 101.6 14.2±1 130±1.75 85 240 300 9
    4.5'' 115 14±1 143±2 85 240 320 10.2
    5'' 127 16±1 158±2 85 240 360 12.5
    6'' 150 18±1 168±2 85 240 570 14.85



    Tips for choosing concrete pumping hoses.

    If the concrete particle size is less than 25mm, the inner 125mm concrete hoses can be used;
    If the concrete particle size is less than 40mm, the inner 150mm concrete hoses can be used.


    Concrete Pumping Hoses Feature

    • High pressure resistance
    • High wear resistance
    • Durability



    The concrete pumping hoses connect with drag pump for pouring, and it also use for end of hose pumping.

    concrete pumping hoses for pouring


    Tips for concrete pumping hoses pouring

    • Before concrete pouring, check the pipe clamp first, and make sure the connector is seal.
    • When start or stop concrete pouring, the concrete pumping operator should contact with concrete hoses worker. 
    • The boom have more power strength, the end hose worker should not against the boom direction.
    • It shall be used together with vibrator to ensure the concrete pouring is dense.
    • It is best to place the clamp coupling on the concrete pumping hoses skid plate, this will avoid scratching the hose when movement.



    • When using steel rubber hose, do not allow small bend radius.
    • If the inner rubber and the flange at the outlet is obviously worn, please replace it immediately to avoid danger.
    • It is forbidden to connect the pipe tube to the end hose, because the strength of the hose is not strong enough, and the hose may be broken when concrete pouring.