Concrete pump spare parts lifetime

Concrete pump spare parts with different working time

During the use of the concrete pump equipment, wearing parts will be frequently replaced because the life of concrete pump spare parts is limited.

The wearing parts on the concrete pump truck mainly include concrete pipe tubes, S valve pipe tubes, spectacle wear plates, cutting rings, pistons, concrete cylinders, rubber hoses, mixing blades, etc. The consume of wearing parts is very large. How to control the cost of wearing parts has become the most important way to reduce replacment cost. 

The working principle and purpose of each spare part are different. In addition, the materials of the concrete pump accessories are different, so the spare parts lifespan is different. 

This article introduce the service life of concrete pump spare parts.

Spare parts lifetime of concrete pump pipe

The concrete pump pipes lifetime has a lot to do with the material of the concrete pipe, the concrete pipe thickness wall, and the concrete grade number. The wear-resistant pipe mainly depends on the raw materials. The service life of different materials varies greatly. The material of 16Mn is better than ST52, 55Mn material is better than 16Mn. Hardened and twin wall pipe is have long lifetime than single concrete pipe.

The service life of the ground pump pipe is between 5,000 to 20,000 cubic meters, the service life of the hardened and twin wall pump pipe is between 30,000 to 80,000 cubic meters. Flowing concrete is the main cause of pipeline wear.

The larger the concrete grade, the more serious the wear. For concrete pump pipes, the pipe wall more thickness, the more wear-resistant it is. If it is not replaced worn concrete pumping pipe in time, it may easily cause safety hazards during construction.

Spare parts lifetime of concrete pump elbow

Concrete pipes and elbows are frequently consumed spare parts for concrete pump. There are two types of elbows, single elbow and twin wall elbow. The service life of single elbows is about 10,000 cbm, and the service life of twin wall elbows is more than 25,000 cbm.

The twin wall elbow has two layers. Its inner layer is a high-hardness wear-resistant layer, and the outer layer is a protective layer made of Q235 material. The two layers are nested together, and SK148 flanges are welded at both ends. The single elbow is made of casting, and both ends are equipped with 148 flanges.

The square volume of twin wall elbows is 30,000 CBM, 50,000 CBM, 60,000 CBM, and 80,000 CBM. The main reason is the material of the inner layer. Different materials have different wear resistance, and the processing methods are the same.

In all, the double layer wall pipe have more lifespan than single wall pipe.

Spare parts lifetime of wear plate

The spectacle wear plate is a spare part of the pumping distribution valve and is connected to the concrete delivery cylinder. Driven by the swing cylinder, the S valve tube swings from one side to another other side on delivery cylinder, and the cutting ring swings against the wear plate with the S valve pipe.

Tungsten, high chromium alloy, carbide and other materials are commonly used to make wear plates. The service life of wear plate made of different materials can reach 20,000 CBM, 30,000 CBM, 50,000 CBM, 80,000 CBM, 100,000 CBM etc.

The wear plate is a wearing spare part for concrete pump. Once the wear plate is damaged or fails, we must replace it in time to ensure the normal operation of the entire concrete pump  equipment.

Spare parts lifetime of cutting rings

The cutting ring is also an important part of the concrete pump and is shaped like a ring. It will perform shearing motion under working condition, so it is called cutting ring. Currently, tungsten, cast alloy , carbide and other materials are made for cutting ring. The service life ranges from 20,000 CBM to 100,000 CBM.

The wear plate and the cutting ring work together and wear occurs. As the particle size of the abrasives involved in wear increases, the wear gap also increases. When the gap reaches a certain value, serious slurry leakage will affect the construction.

After the concrete pump has been working for a period of time, the direction of the cutting ring should be adjusted in time and the special-shaped nut should be tightened. This will help extend the service life of the wear plate and cutting ring.

Spare parts lifetime of piston

The piston ram is the reciprocating component in the engine block of the concrete pump truck. Piston ram are generally made of rubber. They will wear out and lose their sealing performance after being used for a period of time.

If the piston ram is worn excessively and is not replaced in time, it will cause poor pumping concrete, and even cause equipment failure in severe cases.

The replacement time of the concrete pump delivery cylinder piston is affected by many factors, including usage time, frequency rate, working environment, etc. Generally, the service life under normal circumstances is 20,000 to 30,000 cubic meters of concrete. The specific replacement time needs to be determined based on the actual situation. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly check the wear of piston and replace them in time.

Spare parts lifetime of clean out ball

The sponge cleaning ball is made of pure natural rubber with gigh resilience and super wear-resistant. Sponge ball is concrete pump clean parts, it can clean various concrete pump pipes and rubber hoses, clean dirt in the pipes, and ensure a longer service life of the pipelines.

Sponge cleaning balls are generally divided into three materials: soft, hard and medium-soft. Soft cleaning balls have less friction during the cleaning process and have a relatively short service life. Hard cleaning balls can be used to clean dirty hard surfaces and can achieve good cleaning results.

However, beware that the sponge cleaning ball is too hard, and excessive friction will cause serious wear inside the pipeline system.

Spare parts lifetime of concrete pumping hoses

Concrete pump rubber hose is an important parts for pumping concrete and is responsible for transporting concrete during construction.

Due to the influence of various factors such as high pumping pressure, complex physical properties of concrete, and external environment, rubber hoses are prone to aging and wear. Therefore, the service life and replacement cycle of rubber hoses have become issues that require special attention during construction.

The specific needs to be determined flexibly according to the actual situation. Generally, for concrete pump with large pumping volumes, the hose replacement cycle should be shortened. When selecting a rubber hose, a suitable hose should be selected based on the moisture content, particle size and other factors of the concrete to extend the service life of the hose.

Spare parts lifetime of seal kits

The service life of a concrete pump seal kits can vary depending on a number of factors. Seal kits rarely fail due to long-term wear and tear. Other factors can often cause premature failure, such as medium particle concentration, temperature, corrosives and other factors that will affect their lifetime.

Proper selection, installation and maintenance of seal rings can help extend their service life and improve the reliability of your concrete pump truck.

Spare seal rings or seal kits packages are necessary. It is not recommended to store seal kits for too long. If stored for more than one year, it is recommended to check whether the components are normal before use. Otherwise, it will affect the safety of the concrete pump truck.

Spare parts lifetime of delivery cylinder

Delivery cylinder is import part for concrete pump. The interior of the delivery cylinder is a high-chromium layer, which can generally use 80,000 to 150,000 cubic meters.

The chromium-plated layer of the conveying cylinder and the piston are constantly rubbing against each other during operation. At the same time, the flowing concrete will also damage the chromium-plated layer of the conveying cylinder. These wear and tear reduce the service life of the concrete conveying cylinder.

Due to the insufficient hardness of the chromium plating layer, it is scratched by the sand and gravel in the concrete, making the working surface of the cylinder rough, thereby accelerating the wear of the conveying cylinder. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the piston in time and detect the high chromium layer inside the cylinder.

Spare parts lifetime of Lithium grease

Lithium grease has good anti-wear properties and lubricity. The hydraulic system has a large number of moving parts that need lubrication to prevent wear of the relative moving surfaces. Good anti-wear lubrication will reduce mechanical friction and ensure the service life of the main oil pump and motor.

If the lubricating oil is not replaced for a long time, it will cause rapid wear of hydraulic components, reduce the mechanical efficiency of the hydraulic oil pump, cause the pump body seals to fail, and cause oil leakage.

Concrete pump lithium grease hydraulic oil requires temperature control between 30 and 60°C. Excessive temperature will accelerate oxidation, block the filter, and cause the hydraulic system to work abnormally. After each work, check the lithium grease that needs to be added for the parts. Regular replacements also need to be recorded.

Spare parts lifetime of S valve tube

The S valve pipe is the core spare parts of the concrete pump for pumping system. The S valve tube pipe uses different surfacing wear-resistant layers inside, and its service life can reach 20,000 to 80,000 cubic meters. If the wear-resistant layer of the internal surfacing is worn, it should be removed and repaired to increase the service life.

When concrete passes through the S valve pipe tube, due to the uneven friction of the concrete on the inner wall, the inner wall will be damaged to varying degrees, which will ultimately reduce the service life of S valve pipe.

When replacing the S valve pipe tube, be sure to remember that the part number is consistent and the installation position is accurate. Otherwise fatal injury may occur.


With the concrete pump parts using increases, many spare parts will gradually age, which will not only affect daily use, but may also endanger the safety of the people inside the vehicle. So it is necessary to replace spare parts.

The spare parts need us to treat them carefully, check them frequently and maintain them frequently. As the proverb goes, "The body is the capital of revolution", the concrete pump truck is also alive. Only when the spare parts are intact and normal can the concrete pump truck be "healthy".

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