How to choose concrete pump company near me?

How to choose concrete pump company near me?

When choosing a concrete pump company service near me, it should be comprehensively considered by the concrete project, characteristics, concrete conveying distance, concrete pouring plan, concrete form and specific conditions, which will affect the project price.

Concrete pump pouring

The application of concrete pump truck in the construction field has greatly improved the efficiency of the project. It can not only speed up the project, reduce the project cost, but also ensure the quality of the structure with the concrete vibrating rod.

Concrete vibrating

Concrete vibrating is to eliminate air bubbles in the concrete, make the concrete compact and combine, improve the strength of the concrete, and ensure the quality of the concrete components.

concrete vibrating

concrete vibrating

The compressive strength of concrete is generally 20 to 40 Mpa, and some can be as high as 80 to 120 Mpa, which is suitable for structural materials.

Select the elements for the concrete pump

Structure of building

The performance of concrete pump trucks based on the pump type. In addition to considering the amount of concrete pouring, the type and structure of the building, construction technical requirements, site conditions and environment should also be considered when selecting the concrete pump.

Length of boom

The concrete pump truck is flexible and smart. With higher boom, the pump can pour higher site and have better distribution radius.  Chose the high boom concrete pump when pouring if possible.

28m~36m concrete pump a large-scale and wide-ranging product on the market.Long-boom concrete pump trucks became the main model in concrete project.

In addition, the concrete pump truck is limited by the bearing capacity of the vehicle chassis. When the height of the boom exceeds 42m, the cost increases greatly, and it is limited by the construction site space, so it is generally rarely used.

Concrete project volume

The number of concrete pump can be calculated according to the concrete pouring volume, the actual conveying volume of a single machine and the construction project time. If the concrete batching plant have an annual output of 100,000-150,000 M3, 2-3 concrete pumps is needed.

What are the advantages of concrete pump pouring?

High degree of mechanization

Concrete pump truck can solve the problems of horizontal and vertical transportation when pouring with easily.

The degree of mechanization of concrete pump truck construction is quite high, and it requires very little labor, and the construction organization is very simple.

High quality of concrete project

The pump pouring is carried out continuously, the concrete is not easy to segregate during the pumping process, so the concrete slumps degree is not large, this will ensure the quality of the project.

Efficient and practical

With concrete pump pouring, no need to lay pipes, pouring is precise and orderly, avoiding the time consumption of manually moving pipes, so the construction efficiency is very high, and the work progress is very fast. In addition, because the co-workability with steel bars is good, the stress characteristics can be complementary, and the bonding force with steel bars is strong, so it can be made into reinforced concrete to expand the scope of application.

concrete pump pouring for steel form

Under different construction conditions, the reasonable selection of concrete pumping methods and equipment is of great significance for improving labor productivity.