Rubber Gasket Seal for Clamp


Clamp gasket seal main raw materials is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer ( EPDM), and it has excellent aging resistance such as ozone resistance, heat resistance and weather resistance, and is widely used in automotive parts, building waterproof materials, clamp seals and other fields.


rubber gasket seal for clamp coupling


Gasket Seal Technical Data

Clamp gasket seal main raw materials is EPDM, and through vulcanization, synthetic rubber can improve the tensile strength, extensibility, tear resistance, self-lubricating effect, compression deformation resistance and service life of rubber gasket seals.


EPDM Carbon Black Paraffin Oil Indirect Zinc Oxide Stearic Acid Antioxidant Sulfur Vulcanizing Agent Oleic Amide Lubricant
100 60 20 5 0.5 3 0.25 4 2


Gasket seal application

Rubber gasket is using for clamp seal, EPDM rubber can withstand 130bar pressure. 


Clamp coupling gasket seal