Concrete Pumping Primer Lubricant


The concrete pumping primer lubricant is a kind of macromolecular white powder environmental protection material, the whole structure is connected by ions, and its main function is to lubricate the concrete pump pipe & accessory before pumping. The concrete pumping primer agent can improve the delivery pumping capacity, reduce pipe friction and pipe resistance, and improve the service life of the concrete pumping pipe & accessories.


concrete pumping primer lubricant


Concrete Pumping Primer Feature

High molecular  & rapid dissolution: The primer agent is compounded from high-purity raw materials, which can be rapidly dissolved in 60 seconds.

High Viscosity: The primer form a highly adhesive protective layer on the inner wall of the pump pipe, which plays a lubricating role. This will protect the wear plate, cutting ring and pump pipe in the long time.

PH value neutral: PH value is neutral, it does not produce any chemical reaction with the concrete itself, has no corrosivity to the reinforcement, and has no impact on the concrete strength.


Reference Table for Solution Preparation

Boom Length Primer Value Water Value
Less 50m 300g 30Kgs
50m~100m 600g 60Kgs
Over 100m 900g~1200g 120~150kgs


Concrete Primer Packaging & storage

300g/pack; 50 bags/box. Store in a cool and dry place with a warranty period of two years.