Delivery Cylinder


The concrete delivery cylinder is made of alloy steel and chrome plate. The concrete delivery cylinder is an important part for Putzmeister concrete pump, because the concrete needs to enter the delivery pipe tube through the delivery cylinder.


The concrete delivery cylinder process is fine machining after the steel pipe is quenched and tempered, and then chrome plate is applied on the conveying cylinder inner surface.


After quenching and tempering, the delivery cylinder are strength and impact resistance, and the dimensional accuracy is ensured by finishing. Chrome plate not only ensures wear resistance but also improves the surface finish.


putzmeister delivery cylinder


Delivery cylinder technical data

Chrome plate is the key to delivery cylinder with wear resistance.







Putzmeister delivery cylinder supplying range

Part NumberSize


Concrete delivery cylinder application

The delivery cylinder and the piston ram form a seal cavity, which ensure the normal pumping of concrete.


concrete delivery cylinder application