Concrete Pump Manufacturer

Concrete pump manufacturer

There are many concrete pump manufacturer brand in the world. Different concrete pump brand have different advantage. The price advantage, power advantage, hydraulic power advantage, after sale service advantage etc. The main brand including but not limited: Sany, Putzmeister, Zoomlion, CIFA, XCMG, Schwing, Liebherr, KCP, DY, Everdigm, Betonstar, JH, Sermac, LOXA, JUNJIN etc.


The concrete pump is a kind of efficient construction machinery and equipment in construction engineering, which can transport concrete to high places or distant construction sites. It can greatly improve the efficiency of engineering construction.


With the continuous advancement of science technology, and the continuous development of construction engineering, the application range of concrete pump trucks will become wider and larger. 


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top concrete pump manufacturer brand in world

How to chose concrete pump brand?

With so many brands and models of concrete pump on the market, how do you choose the right one that suits your required?

  • First of all, when purchasing a concrete pump, you must consider the company's operational needs. Every company has different car purchase budgets, some high and some low. Small contractor company is different with concrete pump fleet group.

  • Second, pay attention to the performance of the concrete pump. The index of power performance, operating performance, electrical performance, hydraulic performance.

  • Third, be cautious in purchasing used concrete pump. Compared to new concrete pump, second-hand are cheaper, more cost-effective, and more attractive. 

Now sharing the global concrete pump truck manufacturing brands.

How to chose concrete pump equipment brand

Sany concrete pump

Sany was founded in 1989 and is an engineering equipment manufacturing enterprise in China. Sany has more than 20 intelligent plants, which have high production efficiency. 

The Sany concrete pump has high power, high pressure, and stable equipment performance, which ensure continuous pouring. Sany boom pump including 37m, 43m, 51m, 56m, 60m, 62m, 65m, 68m, and 71m etc.

Sany concrete pump series: SYM5465THBF 620S-MHEV, SYM5552THB 710S,  SYM5541THBF 650S, SYM5465THBF 620S, SYM5502THB 620C-10A, SY5230THBF 370C-10, SYM5300THBES 430C-10, SYM5350THBFB 510C-10, SYM5357THB 510C-10, SYM5446THBF 560C-8A, SYM5449THBF 560C-8A, SYM5460THBFS 600C-10, SYM5449THBFB 600C-10, SYM5462THBFS 620C-10A, SYM5503THB 620C-10A, SYM5525THBFS 650C-10, SYM5550THB 680C-10, SYM5191THB 30C-8.

Sany equipment had rapid growth in high end oversea market, and the core product share significant increasing. Nowadays, Sany is international competitiveness group, and Sany brand awareness is famous and popular. Sany acquired Putzmeister 2012.

Sany group concrete pump manufacturer brand

Zoomlion concrete pump

Zoomlion was founded in 1992 and is manufacturing enterprise of construction machinery. Zoomlion's manufacturing bases are distributed around the world, and currently have over 20 industrial parks. Zoomlion has over 100 branchesin worldwide, providing after-sales services to customers. Zoomlion acquired CIFA company in 2008.

Zoomlion concrete pump series:  ZLJ5230THBKF 38X-5RZ, ZLJ5280THBJF 40X-5RZ, ZLJ5290THBJF 43X-5RZ,  ZLJ5340THBKF 47X-5RZ, ZLJ5360THBJF 49X-6RZ, ZLJ5360THBJF 50X-6RZ, ZLJ5350THBSF 52X-6RZ, ZLJ5440THBBF 56X-6RZ, ZLJ5440THBJF 56X-6RZ, ZLJ5450THBKF 57X-6RZ, ZLJ5441THBKF 59X-6RZ,  ZLJ5460THBKF 60X-6RZ, ZLJ5440THBSF 62X-6RZ, ZLJ5461THBJF 62X-6RZ, ZLJ5440THBBF 63X-7RZ, ZLJ5530THBJF 65X-6RZ, ZLJ5530THBJF 66X-6RZ, ZLJ5540THBKF 67X-6RZ, ZLJ5550THBKF 68X-6RZ, ZLJ5550THBKF 70X-6RZ, ZLJ5553THBKF  72X-6RZ, ZLJ5552THBKF 73X-6RZ.

Zoomlion have 32m, 38m, 40m, 43m, 47m, 50m, 52m, 56m, 59m, 60m, 62m, 65m, 67m, 68m, 70m, 72m, 73m, 101m. Zoomlion concrete pump has low fuel consumption, fast discharge, stable and reliable operation, and is well-known in the market.

Zoomlion concrete pump manufacturer factory brand

XCMG concrete pump

XCMG is large-scale construction machinery enterprise group in China. XCMG products are exported to 191 countries and regions worldwide. Acquired Schwing Company in 2012. 

XCMG concrete pump truck series: HB22V, HB30V, HB37V, HB39V, HB40V, HB43V, HB47V, HB50V, HB52V, HB56V, HB58V, HB59V, HB60V, HB62V, HB65V, HB66V, HB67V, HB69V, HB72V.

XCMG's mechanical arm frame is stable, with strong power and intelligent obstacle avoidance technology, making pumping more stable, efficient, energy-saving, and safe.

XCMG concrete pump parts is wear resistance with genuine quality. 

With the continuous investment in scientific research and the continuous improvement of product quality, XCMG products will definitely achieve greater success in the construction machinery market.

XCMG group concrete pump manufacturer brand

Putzmeister concrete pump

Putzmeister Company was found in 1958. The Putzmeister Group is engaged in the development, production, and sales of various types of concrete pumps, industrial pumps, shotcrete pump etc.

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, and established branch at 13 countries to provide training & technical support from company experts to customers, continuously creating value for users. As a result, Putzmeister has become the most powerful partner for customers worldwide.

  • In 1963, he obtained a new name "Putzmeister" - meaning Master of Mortar Machine.
  • In 2012, Putzmeister and China Sany group completed their merger.

Concrete Pump series: below 36 meters, 36-44 meters, 45-47 meters, 48-52 meters, 53-56 meters, and above 56 meters. Putzmeister manufacturing technology can meet the needs of different types and provide the best concrete pump truck.

Putzmeister operate in multiple countries and regions around the world, and the concrete pump are widely recognized.

Schwing concrete pump

Schwing was founded in 1934 and Schwing is a global leader in the concrete pump truck industry, mainly producing concrete pump trucks, concrete mixers, etc. Schwing has subsidiaries branch in Germany, the United States, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, and China. Acquired by China XCMG in 2012.


Product series: Boom pump, stationary pump, placing boom.

Boom pump: S 20, S 28 X, S 31 XT, S 32 X, S 36 X, S 36 X razor, S 38 SX, S 38 SXG, S 39 SX, S 39 SXD, S 43 SX, S 46 SX, S 47 SX III, S 51 SX, S 58 SX, S 61 SX, S 65 SXF.

Schwing has been producing concrete pump since 1965. In 1982, the Rock valve was introduced, which improved the internal stress situation of the rock valve compared to the S-pipe valve. The rock valve chamber has a short flow channel and a compact structure, and has always been the exclusive owner of this patent.

Schwing concrete pump truck has the advantages of high delivery pressure and stable flow, making it a good equipment for pumping concrete in construction.

Schwing has been spared no effort in developing new technologies, and the brand effect is very appealing.

CIFA concrete pump

CIFA company was established in 1928 and is the largest concrete pump truck manufacturer in Italy. As of 2023, CIFA has a development history of 95 years. In 2008, CIFA was acquired by Zoomlion China, and the CIFA was Zoomlion Industries' overseas subsidiary brand.

In the global concrete machinery market, CIFA concrete pump has a high reputation and patented technology for carbon fiber pipe frame. Carbon fiber pipes are lighter in weight and have higher strength. For long arm boom pump, the application of lightweight technology has made it easier to increase the length of the boom, and CIFA is a leader in this field.

Product series: Concrete pump truck, truck mixer pump, truck mixer, portable pump.

Concrete pump truck series: K40H, K47H, K53H, K60H, K67H, K80H, K20L, K24L, K30L, K31L, K36L-5, K36L, K38L, K42L, K48, K50L, K56L, K61L, K63L.

Throughout nearly a century of development, CIFA has been deeply involved in the field of concrete machinery and continuously innovating within the industry, playing an important role in leading the industry's development.

Sermac concrete pump

Sermac concrete pump is made by Italian enterprise. Sermac has more than 30 years of experience in concrete pump design and manufacturing in the market, and its products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions.

The boom length of sermac concrete pump truck is from 20m to 65m.

Concrete pump truck series: 4ZR20, 4Z27, 4Z38, 5Z33, 5Z36, 5Z38, 5Z42, 5RZ46, 5RZ51, 6RZ56, 6RZ60, 6RZ65L, 6RZ65, 3Z24, TWINSTAR 4Z28, TWINSTAR 4Z33.

Sermac concrete pump has pure Italian car bloodline, with high appearance, strong handling sense, and a strong personality. Sermac pumping technology is leading, with excellent quality and high reliability.

The Sermac pump truck has a high market share in Italy and a high reputation in the European market. Sermac have a comprehensive after-sales service network in Europe to meet customer needs in a timely manner.

DY concrete pump

DY Concrete Pump Company was established in South Korea in 1992 and is a manufacturer of industrial machinery. DY equipment have a high reputation in South Korea and now well-known in the North American market.

DY has its own hydraulic department. Their pumps and hydraulic cylinders adopt simple and user-friendly design, which can save time and improve productivity. The hydraulic provide assistance for the good performance of concrete pump trucks.

Product line: Boom pump, line pump

Concrete pump series: 21X-4R, 33X-5ZZ, 37X-4R, 38X-5RZ, 43X-5RZ, 48X-5RZ, 52X-5RZ, 57S-6RZ, 57X-6RZ, 63X-5RZ

DY has a large accessory warehouse in North America, which can provide timely after-sales service to customers. With the continuous progress of scientific research, DY pump trucks have attracted more attention from customers.

Everdigm concrete pump

Everdigm started by selling used construction equipment and has now become a heavy equipment manufacturer. EVERDIGM has established partnerships in over 70 countries around the world. Everdigm products cover various business areas such as concrete pump trucks, tower cranes, generators, fire trucks, drilling machines, accessories, and rock drilling tools.

Everdigm began to produce concrete pump trucks in 2001, and product lines: Truck mounted Boom Pumps, Trailer Pumps, Line Pumps, Placing Boom System.

Concrete pump truck series: ECP20ZX, ECP24ZX, ECP26ZX, ECP28ZX, ECP30ZX, ECP33ZX-5, ECP37CX-5, ECP38ZX, ECP38CX-5, ECP40CX-5, ECP41ZX, ECP42RX, ECP42CX-5, ECP43CX-5, ECP48CX-5, ECP53CX-5, ECP53CX-5, ECP53CX-5, ECP53CX-5, ECP59CX-5/6, ECP63CS-5, ECP63CX-5, ECP70CS-6.

In competition market, EVERDIGM provides rapid service to meet customer needs.

JH concrete pump

JH was established in 2011 and is concrete pump trucks high-tech enterprise. The product is exported to multiple countries and regions.

The main products include: concrete pump, concrete delivery pumps, concrete wet spraying trucks and other engineering machinery.

Concrete pump truck series: 30m, 38m, 48m, 52m, 56m, 58m, 62m, 70m.

The small and medium size of JH concrete pump has a high cost-effectiveness, and the arm frame has fast extension speed, flexible extension, and the pump is also very fuel-efficient. JH small and medium size pump has a market share of over 50% in China.

JH adhere to the path of technology research, innovation. Making product research development, talent introduction and cultivation as a top priority for enterprises. With continuously improving production processes and quality. Now JH enjoys high popularity in the market.

Junjin concrete pump

JUNJIN began to engage in concrete pump maintenance business service in 1980, and started to produce concrete pump trucks in 1995.

JUNJIN concrete pump trucks have a high reputation in the global concrete market, with concrete machinery products sold in over 100 countries and regions worldwide. JUNJIN have the highest market share in South Korea and a high market share in North America.

JUNJIN have excellent handling performance, stable discharge, high pressure, and safe quality. The concrete pump trucks are suitable for working in tunnels, highways, and buildings.

Concrete pump series: JM-3500HP, JM5200HP, JX-Z26, JX-ZR32T, JX-ZR33H, JM-ZR35, JX-ZR37, JX-ZR42H, JX-H4517, JJ-M65, JX-M70.

With the improvement of research and development capabilities, JUNJIN's excellent safety performance and technical level have been recognized by the market.

KCP concrete pump

KCP was established in Seoul, South Korea in 2001. KCP is a specialized enterprise in the production of concrete pump trucks. It has been engaged in technical research and development of concrete pump trucks for a long time.

Product line: Concrete boom pump, line pump, placing boom.

Concrete pump truck series: KCP20Z120, KCP24ZX120, KCP28ZX120, KCP31ZX170, KCP32RZX5170, KCP33RZ5170, KCP34ZX5150, KCP37ZX5150, KCP38ZX170, KCP40RX170, KCP40ZX5170, KCP46ZX5170HP, KCP52ZX5170HP, KCP55ZS5170HP, KCP60ZX5170HP, KCP62ZX5170HP, KCP65ZS5170HP, KCP70ZSS 5170HP, KCP75ZS5170HP.

KCP concrete pump truck has low energy consumption, large pumping capacity, simple operation, and is an environmentally friendly product.

KCP has always been at the forefront of market share in South Korea, with a certain reputation in North America and Australia, and has been exported to many countries. Showcasing the technological superiority of KCP and the recognition of overseas customers.

Liebherconcrete pump

Liebherr was founded in Germany in 1949 and started produce tower cranes at first.  Construction machinery producing began in 1956. In the 1950s, the first factory was established abroad and international business began.

In 2012, Liebherr acquired Waitzinger, which enriched the product line of concrete pump truck series. Innovative XXT leg support technology provides stable support and strong torsion resistance. Adopting Volvo chassis for Liebherr concrete pump.

Product line: Truck mounted concrete pump, station concrete pump, concrete distribution system.

Concrete pump truck series: 24XH, 32 XXT, 36 XXT, 37XXT, 38XXT, 42XXT, 47XXT, 50XXT.

As one of the world-renowned construction machinery manufacturers, Liebherr has a 70 year development history, especially in the fields of excavators, lifting machinery, and concrete machinery. Liebherr has a high market position.

Loxa concrete pump

In 1996, Loxa Company was established in China. Loxa mainly operates complete sets of concrete equipment products such as mixer trucks, concrete pump trucks, truck mounted concrete pumps, mixing stations. Loxa has multiple manufacturing bases and a comprehensive after-sales service network, and its brand image is popular in the market.

Product range: A full range of concrete equipment products, including mixer trucks, concrete pump, and mixing stations.

Concrete pump truck series: BJ5338THB-XF, BJ5339THB-XD, BJ5339THB-XF, BJ5350THB-XF, BJ5359THB-XD, BJ5359THB-XF, BJ5449THB-XD, BJ5449THB-XF, BJ5440THB-XFF.

Adopting BOSCH technology high-pressure oil pump, the fuel injection atomization is good. The vehicle has high strength, good seismic resistance, and strong anti rollover ability. The hydraulic system adopts international first-class brands.  

Loxa adheres to the market-oriented and customer-centric business philosophy, and high quality is the cornerstone of the company's development, making Loxa a well-known enterprise in engineering machinery.

Betonstar concrete pump

Founded in Turkey in 2008, Betonstar is an enterprise that produces and sells construction machinery. Betonstar industry have years of manufacturing experience with employ 150 people, and are exported to multiple countries.


Concrete pump series: H68-6RZ, H58-7RZ, H52-6RZ, H51-5RZ, H47-5RZ, H43-5RZ, H40-5RZ, H37-5Z, H37-4Z, H30-4Z, H24-4ZR, H20-4ZR.

The equipment is used for field construction, urban construction, highways, infrastructure construction, etc. Now betonstar has a certain popularity in the concrete pump truck industry.

Betonstar occupies an absolute position in the Turkey market, and after-sales services are widespread.