Concrete Pump Spare Parts Manufacturer

Concrete pump spare parts manufacturer

Concrete pump spare parts & accessories are the basis for the development of the concrete pumping truck industry, which directly affects the safety, durability and economy of the concrete pump. There are many types of concrete pump spare parts, complex procedures, and strong specialization. In fact, each concrete pump truck consists of up to tens of thousands of parts & accessories, and even the top concrete pump manufacturer needs the cooperation of other spare parts factory.

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Our parts serve for Sany, Putzmeister, Zoomlion, CIFA, XCMG, Schwing, Liebherr, KCP, DY, Everdigm, Sermac, JUNJIN etc. For more information, welcome to visit our store.

How to chose concrete pump parts supplier?

With the deepening trend of regional and global economic integration, the collaborative manufacturing of concrete pump spare parts has been widely promoted, and the concrete pump spare parts manufacturing industry has been booming.


As concrete pump user, the maintenance and repair of the concrete pump requires the replacement of spare parts & accessories. Faced with a huge number of accessories, how should we chose?


  • Brand: Knowing the brand and code of the concrete pump is the primary factor in purchasing spare parts. 
  • Quality: The concrete pump spare parts quality is the most concerned issue. High-quality boom pump parts can ensure the normal operation of the boom truck and avoid accidents due to parts problems.
  • Price: Price is also the focus of attention. 


Now, sharing concrete pump spare parts manufacturer and supplier in this article.

Sany Equipment Corp

Sany was established in 1994. Sany concrete pump is a world-renowned brand integrating the production and sales of construction machinery and spare parts, with a high market share. Possessing a number of patented technologies and mastering the key technology of concrete long boom manufacturing. The supply of concrete boom pump ranges from 25m to 86m to meet various needs of customers. Sany's spare parts adopt a unified system code, which is convenient for management and checking.

With the characteristics of durability, stability, reliability and safety, Sany parts can run for a long time and efficiently, thereby reducing risks and failure rates.

Sany has more than 20 industrial bases, with business personnel all over the world, to better provide fast services to customers around the world. After years of development, Sany heavy duty equipment and spare parts have been recognized by customers.

Zoomlion heavy equipment Corp

Founded in 1992, Zoomlion is an enterprise integrating production and sales of construction machinery and spare parts, with leading products covering 18 categories. Zoomlion has more than 20 manufacturing bases and more than 50 permanent institutions around the world.

The structural parts and welds of Zoomlion concrete pump truck adopt fatigue optimization design, which prolongs the service life of structural parts. Equipped with the world's leading boom active vibration reduction technology, the construction is safer. Zoomlion concrete pump parts have stable quality and superior performance.

The spare parts network is all over the world, realizing the integration of supply chain, warehousing, logistics and after-sales service, and establishing a perfect after-sales service system. Zoomlion's continuous investment in research and development has made it a world-renowned concrete pump brand and spare parts supplier.

Sinopumping parts company

Sinopumping parts as a concrete pump spare parts company, has established close cooperation with major manufacturers, and has a strong technical team, which makes our company's products have a high reputation and market share at concrete pump industrial.

Products include but not limited: shotcrete hose, twin wall concrete pipe, hardened pipe, twin wall elbow, concrete pumping rubber hose, reducer pipe, cleaning ball, wear plate, and other wearing parts.

After years of development, the company focuses on the concrete pump industry, and its products have both quality and price competitive advantages. At the same time, there is large amount of stock in store to achieve fast delivery. As a one-stop shop concrete pump spare parts & accessories supplier, Sinopumping can provide Sany, Zoomlion, Putzmeister, schwing, cifa, Sermac and other brand spare parts. It is one of the few integrated service supplier that can provide full-brand concrete pump spare parts. Sinopumping parts provide customers with better quality and more professional services, which is your trustworthy partner.

Putzmeister company

Putzmeister was established in 1958. The concrete pump truck series covers truck mounted concrete pumps, wet spray machines, trailer pump etc.

As a German company, Putzmeister concrete pump truck spare parts & accessories are well-known brands in the industry, ensuring stable performance of the whole machine. The delivery pumping resistance is small, the feeding is fast, the fuel consumption is lower, and the comprehensive performance is superior. Putzmeister boom pump spare parts and accessories are rich in inventory and complete in category.

The concrete pump parts and accessories are durable and easy to maintain. HBC display remote control, the control system performance is stronger, and the operation is more humanized.

Now Putzmeister is acquired by Sany. Using Sany's channels, Putzmeister concrete pump parts provide one-stop service and perfect maintenance services.

Schwing company


Schwing was established in 1934, and its products mainly include truck-mounted concrete pumps and wet spray machines etc. Schwing has been deeply involved in the concrete machinery industry, proficient in research and development, skillful in design, and has established a well-known brand in the market.


Professional design and industry-leading core component configuration make the product have a longer concrete pump spare parts lifetime and less frequent maintenance.


Through the control of scale and supply chain, the quality of concrete pump spare parts is guaranteed. Coupled with reliable technology, Schwing provide customers with superior after-sales service, which is why more customers love schwing.


Now, Zoomlion has acquired the schwing concrete pump truck, which has strengthened brand interaction and escorted the equipment in an all-round way.

Sinocrete concrete pump spare parts company

As a company deeply involved in concrete pump truck spare parts & accessories, Sinocrete has gathered a team of dedicated and professional sales and technical personnel with many years of experience in concrete pump technology, and can provide customers with timely and efficient technical needs.

The company has multiple workshops for pushing, welding, heat treatment, spraying, equipment manufacturing, and packaging. It has excellent equipment such as high-frequency osmosis machine, intermediate frequency pushing machine, hydraulic press, etc., and has strong technical force.

The main products are concrete pumping rubber hoses, twin wall pipes, hydraulic parts, and wearing parts of concrete pump trucks. After years of development, Sinocrete exported to the United States, Canada, and Europe, and have been recognized by customers.  As an expert in the field of concrete pump trucks, through professional knowledge, high-quality product, and first-class service, Sinocrete has helped customers solve practical problems and won the recognition of customers.

Esser Germany

Since 1948, Esser has been developing piping systems to serve concrete pump and other industrial.

Located in Warstein, Germany, Esser service customers in more than ten industries around the world, applying the same unique blend of engineering, quality and technological know-how to every project.

Esser products are known for their reliability and durability. They are precisely tailored to the requirements of each application.  Twin-walled pipe is famous accessories on the concrete pump spare parts market. The inner tubes are manufactured using patented production process. This enables Esser to achieve hardness levels at the end of the Rockwell scale and thus a high resistance to wear. The outer tube retains its compressive strength.

As a sustainable company, Esser is a famous concrete pump pipeline company in the market.

Jianda filter company

Jianda Filter Factory is located in Lincheng Industrial Development Zone.

JIanda is a professional manufacturer of filters for construction machinery, heavy vehicles, purification and environmental protection.

The main products are: filter elements and filters for concrete pump trucks, construction machinery filters, filters for heavy vehicles.

Filter for mixing station equipment, special dust removal for powder spraying equipment. Dust removal filter element and oil-gas separator of screw compressor. Explosion-proof filters for power plant equipment.

As a manufacturer of concrete pump spare parts, Jianda filter element has a certain reputation in the market.

Shengtong clamp and pipe company

Established in 2017, Shengtong is a professional manufacturer of concrete pump parts & accessories.

The company has excellent equipment such as high-frequency dissolution machine, intermediate frequency push machine, hydraulic press, etc., and has strong technical force.

The company's products are widely used in electric power, industrial and mining, construction, chemical industry, concrete pump, concrete mixer and other industries.

Shengtong produce concrete pump pipelines ( ST52 pipe, twin wall pipe ), reducer and bend, various elbows ( cast elbow, twin wall elbow ), and pipe clamps ( snap clamp, heavy duty clamp, wedge clamp ).

After years of development, it has won a high reputation among industry customers with first-class product quality and exquisite service system.

Tianyuanli delivery cylinder company

Tianyuanli is an enterprise specializing in the production of concrete cylinders for construction equipment.

The company's main products: various specifications of concrete conveying cylinders, wear-resistant sleeves, high, medium and low pressure oil cylinders. It mainly serves engineering machinery, concrete pump, mining machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery and other industries. With advanced processing technology and stable quality, the products are deeply trusted by users.

Tianyuanli has advanced production equipment, perfect testing methods, and adapts to environmental protection requirements.

Tianyuanli adopts advanced technology to develop and produce new generation products, and its technical quality indicators have reached international standards.

Dafsen seal kits 

DAFSEN is a professional manufacturer of high-quality oil seals and offers sealing solutions.

DAFSEN offer full line of various products including standard and metric International standard oil Seals, seal repair kits , rod seals, piston seals and wiper seals. The seal kits of concrete pump parts, which apply for arm cylinder, delivery cylinder, HYD motor, outer housing, concrete pump equipment hydraulic system etc.

Also, their products are widely applied in mechanical engineering, stationary hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, pneumatics, fluid power engineering and electrical engineering, chemical industry, process engineering, oil and gas equipment.

Hope this article can give you some help for purchasing concrete pump spare parts. If you any questions, welcome to contact Sinopumping with free.